Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MRI reading my mind

There couldn't be anything more exciting then having your mind read by a machine. In the past, these thoughts were only imagined by science fiction writers. Today, this is fact. The fMRI machine is used to look at your brain's blood flow while you look at a certain image. Today, these images are very simple things like tools, or animals. After you look at these images while in the MRI, the machine will memorize which spots on the brain will activate when these images are viewed. As the machine is being used more and more, the scientists working with it are finding that on most people, the same areas of the brain activate while looking at the same objects. From this, when I look at a cat, and you look at a cat, our brains activate the same areas. The MRI would know this and find that when those spots on our brains activate we are looking at a cat! Amazing! In the near future, as the technology is updated, more complex objects will be programed into the machine. This technology could be used in many ways as a useful tool or a dangerous weapon. How exciting!

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