Wednesday, July 6, 2011

visual attention

I find it interesting that our visual attention is so complex and that there is more that goes through the eye then what we really see. During selective attention we focus on specific objects in the environment and during divided attention we focus on many different things. Humans and other species of animals do both of these. Humans use selective attention because there are just too many things in the environment to focus on everything at once and it is really hard to do that. Also, humans get bored easily so that have to focus on what interest them. Divided attention is more limited so we don't process as much information from the environment but it is still important because it can allow us to focus on different things. For example person working on a project and is also watching tv or listening to music at the same time. In my opinion selective attention is more important because it is easier to do and is more important because if we are more interested in something then we will pay more attention to it.

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