Saturday, July 9, 2011

self-produced information

In our text, Sensation and Perception, I could really relate to the idea of Self-Produced Information. This idea can be found in Chapter 7 of the text on Page 157 in the bottom left hand corner.

The idea of self-produced information is basically stated, in our text, as one's observation of the world around him/her during movement. From gathering this visual information one can guide his/her movement more successfully.
The book gave the example of a gymnast preforming a summersault. When preforming a summersault one may use in air observations to guide his/her body to do the trick correctly and safely. I was a gymnast and cheerleader for my entire life until senior year of high school so I have many personal experiences with self-produced information.

In gymnastics their is a move called a full twist. For those of you who are not familiar with this trick here is a quick clip-

The full was the twisting backflip the girl did as her last trick before she landed. You can see from this video having the ability to twist upside down is not easy, even though it may look it in this clip, do not be fooled! Being able to see what you are doing while upside down, and viewing different angles of the room while you are twisting, helps significantly in completing this trick successfully.

When I was first learning how to do my full it was very nerve wracking. I knew I could do it, but every-time I came out of my back-hand spring and went for the full I shut my eyes tight because I was scared! Nevertheless I would land only half way around again, and again. This is because I did not have the self-produced information while I was in the air. Since my eyes were shut every time I thought the trick was done, so I would open my body up and land. After doing this over and over, I became more comfortable with the motions and began to keep my eyes open with out thinking about being scared. Once I opened my eyes, I could see my surroundings while in the air, realize the twist was not done, finish the full twist by viewing the whole room, and Voila! A full twist.

After I read the section on self-produced information I realized I went through this process. Back then I just thought because I practiced so much, I finally made it all the way around. Now I know that it was because my observations in air, self-produced information, I was able to achieve this trick.

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