Monday, July 11, 2011

Pain and Shifting Attention

As a mother of four grown children the principle of shifting attention to reduce pain was a tactic that I made use of frequently while raising my children.  There were many times that my children needed to receive a shot for their immunizations.  I never had my children focus on the needle that was about to be injected into their arm; to the contrary I would come prepared with plenty of distractions for them to endure the pain of the needle.  Whether it was their favorite stuffed animal that would just appear, their favorite blanket, or a lollipop all of these distractions helped to minimize the pain of the needle.  Even as an adult if I'm not feeling well or suffering with some ailment I know watching a good movie will help take my mind off whatever maybe ailing me. If you are looking for ideas for distractions to help cope through painful procedures watch the video below. (you will need to copy and paste)


  1. It is always beneficial to have coping mechanisms and some people haven't found the proper one for you, so its great that youd found possibilities to overcome pain ailments. My personal one is a nice backwoods drive down to the bay =]

  2. That is a very good idea. Unfortunately, I am a grown man with a dislike for needles so maybe next time I get one, I'll have a lollipop handy. Joking, but the topic is true. In my final post, I talked about not giving attention to a fall or scrape on a young child. In my personal experience, that seems to make the incident less traumatic, and seemingly less painful.