Sunday, July 10, 2011

noise induced hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss is when people loose hearing because they are around loud noises all the time and it causes degeneration in the hair cells in the ear. This has been happening more and more over the past few years especially with the younger generation because of them using ipods and mp3 players so much. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Agency says that people should not be exposed to sound levels greater than 85 decibels for an 8 hour work shift. The levels of leisure noise is a lot higher then that. This is fascinating to me because it is pobably completely preventable if kids would just lower the volume of their ipods. If kids don't stop they could potentially become deaf or have very bad hearing at a much younger age then any other generation. It can also be prevented if they spent a lot less time listening to the music and other loud noises.

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  1. I have witnessed first hand noise induced hearing loss. Many common occupations which millions of individuals partake in each and every day may be can cause serious hearing issues over time. My step father who works in construction and has built houses his entire life has used extremely loud machinery on a daily basis for over 30 years and his hearing has truly suffered from it. My mom and I noticed that he speaks significantly louder than the average person and he is constantly asking "what?" after someone says even the simplest thing to him. We came to the conclusion that from working so many years in a noisy environment, his hearing truly has suffered tremendously.

    -Lindsay Mauser