Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final Project Post

In this class, I have learned way too much then i thought was possible about perception. I thought this course was going to be a couple of topics, i was not ready for what was coming. There were over 15 chapters just about perception. That was awesome. I loved everything about this class had to give. We learned about subjects such as depth and size, color, chemical senses, and perceiving motion.

My favorite part of the class was talking about color. I picked this chapter to be my favorite because everyone sees the same color, its how we perceive the color that makes us different. I also liked learning about how a color could affect another color. Such as red/green and blue/yellow are similar. But if you were to have problems with these colors, you may be somewhat color blind. To test this you would look at this colorful circle and if you cant tell the number in there, t
hen you may be color blind.
A video on youtube has pitcures like these. If you go there, you can watch a test is done to determine color blindness.


  1. I agree with you. Since the course is so short, it is a lot of information. In return, I do love all of the information that this class has to offer! I learned a lot about how each individuals ideal of perception is different! Maybe it will give me a different outlook on life!

  2. I usually pass that test but this time it was a little harder because I couldn't stare at it like i would normally do on paper. Uh oh, Maybe I am color blind and I've been cheating this whole time! :O and yes hybrid courses are no joke! Always be prepared to do a lot of reading in summer classes!