Thursday, December 9, 2010

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness happens when your balance center in your inner ear doesn't match what you are seeing. Almost everyone feels some sort of motion sickness during their lifetime, but some people have it worse than others. If you try to keep your body in a more stable area, it might help your motion sickness--for example, like driving instead of sitting in the back seat. There are medications which help prevent motion sickness such as Dramamine. This is highly recommended by doctors to try to prevent symptoms. I have also read places that having something with ginger in it (such as ginger ale) helps settle your stomach. We all clearly know that motion sickness makes you feel varying degrees of nauseous. But once your symptoms start and you're out of the situation it's recommended that you lay down and close your eyes until the nausea passes.

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  1. I only had motion sickness once when I was on a cruise. I was very ill and it sucked because there was really nothing I could do about it. Once my parents convinced me to sit at the top of the ship, I began to feel better.