Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Engaging the Five Senses

There is more to our enjoyment of food than just what the tongue perceives. Food engages all of our senses. Flavor alone is perceived not only through the tongue, but equally through the nose as well. This is why the flavor of food is muted when you are sick. When the nose is plugged, the perception of flavor is altered. Texture also plays a big part in how we perceive food. Crisp and crunchy things are generally more appealing than soft and slimy ones. The feel of things in our mouth and how we hear them when they’re being chewed alters what we think of it. Finally, the visual presentation of food can often be the difference between an amazing meal and an average one. You want to keep all of these factors in mind when composing a dish. Contrast between textures, shapes and colors often add an extra element to a dish that the adjustment of taste alone cannot.

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