Sunday, November 21, 2010

Manipulating Perception: Motion Stimulation Rides

Motion stimulation rides are very popular in amusement parks. These rides allow riders to feel that they are constantly moving while in reality, they are barely moving. A motion simulator are also known as a motion base/motion seat. Along with the movement, a visual display is shown at the same time. This is designed to add an extra effect or a sense of touch and virtual reality. In all full motion simulators, they move the entire compartment and conveys not only a change in orientation but gives a false effect of gravitational forces. These forces trick the mind into thinking its really happening in the stimulated environment and experiences changes in position, velocity, and acceleration. If the mind fails to accept the experience, motion sickness occurs.

A very good example of this process is the Back to the Future ride. Since I personally experienced it, it felt like I was always moving when in reality the vehicle was planted in one spot and we only shifted back and forth. In this ride, not only your vision is being tricked but your sense of touch and hearing as well.
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