Monday, November 15, 2010

Color Wheel

All of the colors that we see can be described by red, yellow, blue, green and the combinations of the four colors. To describe colors the four colors must be allowed to be used if any of those colors are missing, people cannot describe them. The color circle is based on the four main colors, but there are more then that in the circle. About 200 colors can be discriminated against by people. By changing the intensity of colors to make them brighter or dimmer, or y adding white even more colors can be created. White is equal amounts of all wavelengths across the spectrum, and by adding white it decreases a color's saturation. By changing the wavelength, the intensity, and the saturation, we can create about a million more different colors. Although we are able to see millions of different colors, we encounter only a few in our everyday life. The paint chips at a paint store only account for less the 1,000.
Meghan Hood

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  1. The color wheel has always been my favorite. I most remembering about it in my 9th grade art class.