Monday, October 4, 2010

Selective Attention
As you read chapter six you find out the importance of selective attention when perceiving certain things in the environment. As stated in this chapter selective attention is very important to the eye because some things in the environment are more interesting to us compare to others another reason is because our eyes are formed to act in that way. This makes sense just look outside your window and try to focus on everything in that scene it would be impossible. Your eye would become overloaded and as a result could not process all the information needed top identify each object. Have you ever stared at an object and not really knew you were doing it? This is a prime example of how selective attention has more than just a vision aspect when perceiving what things are. A metal aspect defiantly plays a role in filtering out what we see and pay attention to. Therefore, what if you have a condition like ADHD and just cannot focus on things for a long period of time? Here is a you tube clip a child with ADHD here you can see how the selective attention is not visible.

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