Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PreOp® Patient Education Opthamology: PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Hello class, I would like to share a post with everyone that I thought was very interesting. This post talks about what we learned in class about the eye and how light enters it. This video shows how light enters the eye with clear vision and those who have Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. Viewing the video gives a clearner view and understanding of how light rays enter the eye. This video helps me to remember what kind of vision problems someone is having and where the light rays focuss point is in the eye. This clip also shows how PRK laser eye surgery help people with astigmatism vision to see more clear, the surgery allows the doctor to flating all or part of the cornea allowing the light rays to enter closer to the center of the retina. I pick this video because it was great and very educational. Its amazing how light enetrs the eye at differnt points of the retina, what I see my be differnt to what another see; but contacts, glasses, or laser surgery can cause light rays to enter and focuss on the same part of the retina allowing everyone to view things the same.
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