Friday, September 24, 2010

Optical Illusions

What is interesting about this video clip from youtube was the narrator was spelling out what it truely means as far as recognizing patterns and shapes and making sense of them in our own way. He stated that we are basically programmed and wired to see certain patterns and shapes. This all ties together for each of us as a way of survival. I have to agree with his statements because we continuously are faced with situations where we are deciphering or using knowledge from our database to make sense of our exact moment. When I previously stated survival that reference was to pinpoint a varietal of situations one could find themselves in. It could mean making sense and then going about ones day. Everyone's sense of perception could all tie together in the same way because of the little details and patterns we learned as a child. These types of survival skills has given us structure to work with. When looking at the Nazi symbol of a US Navy dormitory it was quite intersting the subliminal message that could have been sent out. The Navy now has reconstructed it. It is sometimes the little things that can send a huge message.

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