Tuesday, September 21, 2010

optical illusion

When I found this optical illusion I was thrilled I could actually see the effect. Normally I do not tend to see the optical illusion and decided to try to find one that worked for me. As you look at the picture, stare at the purple dot directly in the center. After a while of staring, the rings they will start to rotate. This picture has a lot going on in it, and the combonation of shapes and lines,rings and colors affect your eyes. There are strips in black and white but also two colored rings. I believe this is because of two things. One part of this illusion is the contrast in color of the lines and there direction.
The contrast of colors in the lines is lateral inhibition and the direction of the lines helps the illusion because the lines seem to be running through the rings. I do not the color choice for thering matters just that it is different from the background colors. The change in the color of the rings helps aid the rotation of the rings because again lateral inhibition which makes you eyes recognize the variation of color and creates movement.

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