Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gestalt Principles of Perception

I personally am a huge "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fan, I saw this episode that you can view below this statement, and it made me think about the Gestalt Principle and then I looked further into the topic and below you can view a video from This video is from a gentalman from a web site called the psych files and explains in a breif form about the Gestalt principles. The Gestalt principle is was first established in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt which was an attempt to explain perception. His approach was called structuralism and that is one of the ideas that perceptions are created by combining elements called sensations. Gestalt psychologists are famous for the quote, " the whole differs from the sum of its parts." ( quoted in Goldstein p.104) In this episode of "Always Sunny" the crew finds a water spot that resembals the Virgin Mary and how the minds of the people percevied it as a sign. In this video that you are viewing now shows a great view of how our minds tend to work with what is seen. One person saw a face in Mars and now Scientists believe it is a sign. ENJOY!
p.s. The california dormatories were very surprising!
The Always Sunny Episode: ( the topic of the Gestalt Principle is only contained in the first 3 min!

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