Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Color Test

I found this site by just browsing throughout the Internet. I tried to find something that would seem interesting to me, along with the rest of the class. This site is pretty much only about colors and topics such as "The color test" (like the one I have chosen to briefly talk about), Colors and Design, Colors and Humans, the Science behind colors, and so on. And there is also a bunch of topics within each of the subjects, so I think it is a really cool website that you guys should check out! The color test is neat- it asks you to select from 8 colors, in order of your preference. The colors are violet, dark blue, brown orange, yellow, blue-green and grey. They say that the color in the first position is the "outer characteristics" of the person who is taking the test--their defining qualities. The color in the last position is the restrained, but also keep in mind that a lot depends on the order of colors. You should definitely check out this site because it goes more in depth about each color's meaning and analysis.

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    I checked out the website and thought it was really interesting. Reading about synesthesia was interesting to me because I've actually experience people telling me that "you seem like a purple person" because my favorite color is purple. In high school I had a friend who would say "first period feels blue to me, and fourth feels orange". I could never understand how a time of day could "feel" a certain way. Even more amazing is that there are actually people out there considered "synesthetes". After giving it more thought, it seems as to fit with theories discussed in the book that describe the process of recognizing stimuli and using past experiences to make sense of what we were seeing. Say the first time you saw an object you've never seen before your favorite song was playing. Every time you see that object again you might hear that song in your head.