Sunday, June 6, 2010

Body Dysmorphic disorder

Body Dysmorphic disorder (shorty termed as BDD) is a growing disorder, where individuals not only dislike the aspect of how they look, they are severely preoccupied with their appearance. When people with BDD see themselves in the mirror they see a different image of them self then other outsiders perceive them. BDD is sometimes to referred to as "imagined ugliness." In many cases with individuals with BDD literally the image of them in the mirror appears to be completely different from what he or she sees in their mind. These individuals are usually obsessed with looking in the mirror to constantly find flaws with them self. Sometimes these flaws that these individuals see are not even there and only exist in the individuals mind, or little imperfections that these individuals may have are blown out of proportion and perceived as severe abnormalities.
The person may fear ridicule in social situations, and may consult many dermatologist or plastic surgeons and undergo painful or risky procedures to try to change the perceived defect that they make-up in their mind. Unfortunately individuals with BDD become so fixated with the appearance that they perceive they may go through many cosmetic surgeries to fix the flaws. When all else fails many individuals with BDD result in suicide, due to the depression that frequently accompanies BDD.


  1. Once I saw the picture you had posted, I was very eager to continue to read about what you had reported. Body Dysmorphic Disorder seems that it could go alongside with people who are experiencing the signs, symptoms, and effects of eating disorders, especially those suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia. Sadly, BDD is something that I consider will continue to become more popular in the world today; primarily since the media portrays much beauty into our outer appearance, and how skinny one should be. Since BDD is reported as "imagined ugliness" these people will go to all aspects to make themselves seem beautiful, even though they already are. For example, Heidi Montag, the reality television star from MTV's "Laguna Beach" has underwent 10 Plastic Surgeries because she wanted to change her appearance and become "beautiful." Like you had mentioned, when all else fails people suffering from BDD become depressed, withdrawn, and many result in suicide. BDD is something that should be covered more frequently on the media, because I theorize that it will only become more popular with the pressure of our society.

  2. I remember when I took Abnormal Psychology, we had to read a case about BDD. It destroyed this girls life. She would be driving in her car, and would have to pull over to keep looking at herself in the mirror. At work she would have to keep going into the bathroom to look at herself. It got to the point where she could not even leave the house anymore. I agree with Nicole that disorders like BDD, Anorexia, and Bulimia will become more popular in the future, because society and the media label beauty by what is on the outside instead of what is within.

  3. I remember when I first heard about this disorder and I didn't believe it was true. How can you look in the mirror and not see the truth. However over the years between numerous amounts of psychology classes and the recent media attention on the project, I have come to understand the severity of the disorder. I agree with the previous posts in the fact that our society has enabled these disorders and if it wasn't for our strict standards of beauty, women wouldn't be so unhappy with their own skin. The worst par about this disorder is, is the fact that many of these girls look like you and me. They may not be supermodels, but they aren't hideous creatures. It is sad that one can have such low self esteem that it is considered a disorder and consumes ones life. This disease is not one to be taken likely and can open the doors to worse things for these girls such as eating disorders and addictions to plastic surgeries. When these girls open up to the media they are truly helping others. I think this disorder will only worsen until our society lifts the pressures we put on young girls to look and appear a certain way.